"Head To The Country" Soft Cover Edition

$ 55.00

8 x 10 inches
Soft Cover Edition
396 pages

"McCormick’s work as a painter concerns itself with a distinct frame of time: the out-of-joint phantasm of the American experience. This snuffed-out folk-spirit lives on primarily in the death-cycle of advertising and merchandising. has given over the years not to mention that the paintings and drawings (including those in this book) will persist indefinitely: the drawings on flesh will change frequently, see much, and all expire."

-Todd Von Ammon

This book is the first publication of images summarizing McCormick’s tattoo work, offering a comprehensive overview of the development of his work between 2009 and 2017. The tattoos and drawings in the book were documented in McCormick’s various studios throughout that time. The archive images, which are predominantly from his studio and travels, provide in-depth insight into the creative process of this versatile artist.

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