"Into The Distance" Laminate Cover Edition

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Into The Distance

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Started in 2015, Into The Distance was born out of a desire to create a body of work using modern day technologies and at the same time retaining the timeless elements of the forefathers of the art of the American West, Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell. While traveling between his studios in Los Angeles and New York, McCormick was faced with the challenge of creating large scale works in his smaller New York studio. In searching for reference for landscape paintings McCormick began exploring the use of found images from the internet of the distant American West to set the stage for the gestural cowboy drawings he had been working on for the last year. Using a damaged printer to layout the backgrounds resulted in an affected image that recalled xeroxed punk flyers and the mistakes of the human hand that had been lost in the digitization of commercial imagery. The contrast of the stark charcoal drawings with the crudely printed landscapes created a lasting combination that McCormick has continued to evolve in the five years of building this body of work. With numerous trips to the South and Midwest to make his own photographs for the works, McCormick has continued to expand on the series that started out of necessity due to a lack of space.

This book catalogs the series from the start in 2015 to 2020. Also included is the documentation of a trip to Monument Valley with filmmaker Sam Hayes and Musician Jack Byrne.

9 x 12 Inches
Sandy Matte Laminate Cover Edition 

300 pages


Printed in California




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